Americans Are Naming Their Kids After Cars. Here's What's Most Popular.

Beep beep.

Yahoo! Autos' Managing Editor Justin Hyde asked: "How often to people name their children after cars?"

According to a 2014 survey where the U.S. Social Security Administration analyzed 33,044 infant's registered names, the answer may be more often than you think.

Here are the most used car brands turned baby names.


The most popular name for boys: Lincoln.

In 2014, 4,785 boys were given the name Lincoln. Bentley, Royce, Ford and Chevy followed.

The most popular name for girls: Mercedes.

Likewise, 268 girls were named Mercedes that year, with Bentley, Lincoln, Royce and Chevy following.

Hyde explains in Yahoo! Autos that naming your babies after car brands isn't a new fad: "Laura Wattenberg, founder of says the first burst of car-related naming began in the '20s and '30s, when mothers started moving further away from relatives and no longer put their relatives' names on their offspring."

So if you've got a thing for cars and can't think of a name, perhaps consider one of these too.

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