He Lost His Feet After Trying To Climb Mount Everest. Years Later, He Made It To The Top.

"I will fight for it my entire life.”

Xia Boyu's first attempt to climb Mount Everest resulted in him losing his feet, reported The Washington Post.  At 25 years old, Xia and his team made it 8,600 meters high, but were hit with a harsh winter storm. 

Xia was stuck in the subzero temperatures and suffered from severe frostbite. At the end of his failed journey, his feet required amputation. 

Xia recounted that night in an interview with ExplorersWeb in 2007. 

"The following night, at 7,600 [meters], I gave my sleeping bag to one of them, and thus suffered from frostbite in both feet," Xia told ExplorersWeb. "Back home, they gave me medals, but my frozen feet wouldn't heal. I finally had [my legs] amputated [below the knee]."


Years later, after being diagnosed with lymphoma, both of his legs were amputated. 

Nearly 20 years later and after his 5th attempt, Xia, 69, achieved his life goal. He became the third person in history to climb Mount Everest as a double amputee.

In an interview with TIME Magazine before his climb, Xia said:  "I love the mountain. … I will fight for it my entire life."

Xia's success was challenged with a controversial bill that the Nepal government passed. In an attempt to decrease deaths the government banned people with disabilities from climbing Mount Everest. After a backlash from disability rights advocates and supporters, Nepal's high courts overturned the bill, according to The Washington Post. 

His son, Cloud Xia, was extremely happy that his dad reached his goal. On a social media platform called WeChat, Xia wrote: "My Dad reached Everest at 8:26 Nepal time!!! Has realized his 40 years dream!!!" 

A video from Aaren Adventure shows Xia making history. 

Cover image via Aaren Adventure.


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