Deserving Teacher Receives An Emotional Surprise Video Message From His Students

Wyatt Oroke speaks to Ellen DeGeneres about his commitment to his students.

For Wyatt Oroke, being a teacher also means showcasing empathy and support for his students. And it's an honor.

"A lot of times, what our students like is just someone to hear them," Oroke says in a recent feature on The Ellen Show. Oroke teaches at City Springs Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, Md., where his students come from the highest poverty rates out of any school in the city. Oroke explains that some of his students have experienced homelessness, and unfortunately, he once lost one of his students to gun violence.


"Baltimore has a lot of people with big dreams," one of Oroke's eighth graders, Chantelle, tells the show in a video. "I want to graduate college so that I can change a lot of things."

Oroke adds that he often purchases independent reading books for his students, but wishes he could do more for them. 

"Teaching is an honor. I know that my community here in Baltimore has given me the responsibility to educate their children. And that is something I don't take lightly at all."

After presenting the video feature on the show, Ellen DeGeneres then surprises Oroke by welcoming him to the stage. There, an emotional Oroke continues to talk about his career, praising his students and adding that he wishes the students had more "access to opportunities."

"It's 2017 in America, and we have kids who don't have equal access to opportunities. And I get very emotional about that because it's not fair. It's not fair that we aren't able to always provide enough access to resources, enough books for our students, enough field trips that they can go on ... [it's] a huge challenge that we face every day." 

Finally, DeGeneres continues surprising Oroke by showing him that her team is out at his school, phoning in via video chat. Some of the students are able to speak about why Oroke is so important to them. 

"Mr. O is family, and I've been here since kindergarten, and he and this school really help me understand that what I do now will impact my future," one student says.

Finally, DeGeneres announces that Shutterfly will be gifting the school with $25,000. 

Check it out in full below:


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