Women Turn The Negative Things People Have Said About Them Into Messages Of Love

"I want women to feel safe enough to confide in each other and to spread the love and support body positivity."

The negative things people say about us can stick for months or even years. For women, such negative comments too often have to do with appearance. 

But, wouldn't it be great if we could take those hurtful comments and turn them into a positive experience? Photographer Kierra Mellenthin helped several women do just that with her body positive photo series The Worthy Project

"It was time to change society's negative social stigma of worthiness on women," Mellenthin wrote on her website. "The Worthy Project was an opportunity to come together with women around the communities and normalize self-love and spread body positivity. Our goal is to normalize all body types and celebrate the many variations of beauty." 

For the project, she gathered dozens of women between the ages of 19 and 47 and had them strip down to their undergarments.


Then, she asked them to write down "a memory, incident, or a phrase that stuck in their mind that had ever made them feel un-worthy."

After taking photos of the hurtful statements they wrote down, Mellenthin then asked them to take a good look at the women around them. 

This time, the women were instructed to use sticky notes to write down an affirmation, compliment, or uplifting message to another woman in the room and stick it to her body.

Throughout the course of this project, Mellenthin learned that every person has their own story to tell — and each one is worth listening to.

"No matter what their shape, size, color, et cetera, each person is battling their own demons." she told A Plus. "It was amazing to see women come together and unite as a community to help uplift and support one another. Positivity is the key to humanity. Be kind and support your fellow women. It doesn't matter if you're a size 0 or size 24, you still have the right to feel worthy and love yourself. 

She hopes the women who participated in the project and other women who see it are able to learn a little something too. 

"Do not be afraid to push boundaries and break free from the social media's 'norms.'  I want women to know that they are not alone and your worthiness is measured by what's inside of you," she said. "I want women to feel safe enough to confide in each other and to spread the love and support body positivity." 


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