The Only Reason You Need To Never Become A Knife Thrower's Assistant

It's a game of inches.

Here's a performer who almost made a killing on live TV.

A knife thrower on the television show "Lithuania's Got Talent" nearly took out his assistant during a live performance. 

The knife thrower, dressed in a military costume, gets off to a rocky start, hitting a large playing card pinned to a wooden board with just one of his first five daggers, and it only gets worse after that. 

First, he nicks his assistant's left hand, drawing blood. Then, he almost takes out the poor assistant's right hand. 


Finally, with a melon placed above the assistant and the audience gasping in horror, the knife thrower launches a burning dagger that misses the mark, coming within an inch of hitting the assistant's head.

We're not career advisers, but it sure seem like it's time for the assistant to look for a new line of work.

(H/T: Deadspin)


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