Armenian Women And Irish Men Are The World's Sexiest People, Survey Says

Armenians for the win!

What do models like Adriana Lima, stars like Rihanna, and heartthrob athletes like David Beckham have in common? Their home countries all made "The World's Sexiest People" list and it's very apparent why.

Travel dating website MissTravel conducted a two-part survey to find the countries with the world's sexiest people. First, 66,309 women and 44,873 men were asked rate the nationalities they found most attractive. Then they were told to rank qualities of attractiveness from body type to most favorable accent. 

According to the survey, the majority of men found Armenia has the most beautiful women, and the majority of women think Ireland has the most beautiful men.

Adriana Lima, Rihanna and Beckham's respective countries Brazil, Barbados and England all made the list too. 


The top 10 sexiest nationalities of men are...

10. Spanish

9. Danish

8. Nigerian

7. Italian

6. Scottish

5. English

4. American

3. Pakistani

2. Australian

1. Irish

The top 10 sexiest nationalities of women are...

10. Lebanese

9. Bulgarian

8. Filipina

7. Brazilian

6. Australian

5. English

4. Colombian

3. American

2. Barbadian/Bajan

1. Armenian

The good news is, if you're American, you're bound to meet someone from at least one of these countries. They don't call it a "melting pot" for nothing!

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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