World's Oldest Woman Sticks To The World's Simplest Diet — Though You May Not Want To Try It

Oh and cookies, obviously.

At 116 years old, Emma Morano is the world's oldest woman, and the key to what's kept her going so long may just be her diet. In an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP), Morano revealed that she eats a very particular diet every day, giving extra weight to the phrase, "You are what you eat." 

And you may want to heed this lady's advice — she's been alive basically for forever. 

"In her time, she has watched Italy evolve from a monarchy to a republic that spawned nearly 70 governments in seven decades, with a 20-year foray into Fascism in the middle," The New York Times notes. "She survived two world wars, and the hardship of their aftermath; years of domestic terrorism, and years of economic prosperity that transformed Italy from an agrarian economy to one of the world's most industrialized nations."


So, what are the foods that have helped keep Morano around for this long?

Morano's diet seems fairly simple: in anticipation of her 117th birthday, she tells AFP that she eats two eggs per day. And cookies, of course.

But not sunnyside up eggs — raw eggs. 

It's a tradition she's kept since her teens. According to The New York Times, her doctor recommended a raw egg regimen to counter anemia, and "assuming she has been true to her word, Ms. Morano would have consumed around 100,000 eggs in her lifetime."

"We're all thinking that Emma is eternal because, despite everything, she always recovers," Morano's doctor Carlo Brava added in the interview with AFP. "And quite easily might I add."

Here's to life and happiness, Ms. Morano. 

For more, check out the full video below:


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