World’s Largest Rabbit Has A Son Who Might Steal The Title

Honey, I blew up the rabbit.

Easter may be over, but there's one bunny who still has our attention — and that's five-year-old Darius, a four-foot-four-inch Continental Giant rabbit. 

According to Caters news agency the rabbit weighs nearly 50 pounds, and holds the record for biggest rabbit in the world.  

But owner Annette Edwards expects Darius' son Jeff to outgrow his father soon. In a video interview, Edwards told Caters TV that Jeff is just over a year old and is three feet eight, but still has around six more months to grow. 


Edwards with Jeff the rabbit:

Every year, the rabbits eat about 2,000 carrots, 700 apples, lots and lots of special rabbit food and hay. All this runs Edwards a total of $7,000. But aside from satisfying their massive appetites, she says the bunnies are pretty low maintenance, as they are quite even-tempered. 

"The giant rabbits plod around like dogs," Edwards tells Caters TV. "Whereas the small rabbits tend to burrow, and be scatty. So I'd say the large rabbits are much easier to handle." 

The cuddly bunnies get along with people of all ages, and 7-year-old Ava Johnson loves to play with her furry friends. 

Ava hanging out with Jeff:

Edwards says she'll get Jeff certified by Guinness World Records as soon as she thinks he's big enough. 

Watch the full video below:

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