Americans Answer 'What Would The World Be Like Without Black People?'

What a beautiful conversation.

In the last year, we have heard and seen issues regarding race, minority communities and the relationship between citizens and police rise to the forefront of our national conversation. The African American community in particular has been put under a microscope. 

In the video above, presented by Jubilee Project, people of all races and creeds are asked, "what would the world be like without black people?"

The question sparked some powerful responses.

"If people loved black people as much as they love black culture, everything would be fine," one man said.

"Get to know somebody that doesn't look like you," a mother suggested. "Worship next to somebody that doesn't look like you, share a meal with somebody that doesn't look like you, and come with no expectations."

It's a provocative thing to ask, but the responses are worth sharing.

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