Attention WWII Vets: Is This Your Shipmate?

Help reunite this man with his shipmates.

On June 6, Facebook user Cheryl Johnson Brown posted a photo to the U.S. Navy's social page.

So far, that very photo has been shared over 1 million times.


This is Raymond Devere Johnson, a signal man on LST 218 in World War II who's just looking for his fellow shipmates:

Brown's caption reads: 

Raymond Devere Johnson was a Signal Man on LST 218 in World War ll and he was wondering if any of his Shipmates are still around!! Please Share with Everyone so he could have a reunion!

And one of the most-liked comments on the photo suggests that someone may have already found two of Johnson's friends.

That comment is one of many sparking a global conversation.

Many of the comments announce where the photo has been shared, including Australia, the Bahamas and all over the United States. 

Other people have left photos of their loved ones who also served in WWII, recognizing those efforts and sharing stories with people all over the world.

All together, the conversation surrounding the photo has started one positive movement to connect people together from many years ago — and that's a wonderful thing.

So best of luck, Mr. Johnson, we're rooting for you!

(H/T: Imgur)


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