This Humongous Catfish Is Bigger Than Shaq

He's been carb loading.

This one is going down in the record books, literally.


Someone call MTV — this catfish is real. And gigantic. 

In fact, this catfish is so huge, the fisherman who caught it in Italy's Po River may just have set a record or two.

The fisherman's name is Dino Ferrari and according to ESPN, this quite possibly one of the largest catfish ever reeled in. It reportedly weighs in at a whopping 280 pounds and is taller than Shaq

Shaq, pictured here, stands at just over seven feet.

The catfish, by comparison, is 8'9".

Sorry, buddy!

You can see the video proof below.

Ferrari returned the scale-tipping catfish back to his home in the river to snack on whatever a fish that weighs 300 pounds snacks on. (Probably humans.)

Not going swimming there anytime soon.


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