Someone Photoshopped Obama and Kim Jong-Un Into Street Clothes And It's Hilarious

This is the best thing to happen to global politics since ever.

Imagine how much more friendly and effective international diplomacy would be if global bigwigs just let down their guards, sent away their minders, and showed up to negotiations in skinny jeans and Converse. 

That's the kind of world we want to live in.

Although it's still a ways away, thanks to Moksha August and the folks over at menswear site Four Pins, we now have a solid idea of what it would look like.

Behold, a hilariously casual, newfangled dress code that will change state dinners forever.


Vlad knows that no matter how cold it gets in Moscow, he's still hot stuff.

India's Narendra Modi dares to wear white even after Labor Day.

George W. Bush would like everyone to appreciate his shapely calves.

The U.K.'s David Cameron is considering alternative employment as a well-dressed mall walker.

Kim Jong Un pouts for the camera in his Supreme brand hoodie.

Shinzo Abe might be the Prime Minster of Japan, but he can still get down with the youth.

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe just woke up like this.

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper is being pursued by a bear in a Canadian J. Crew catalogue.

Nicolas Sarkozy is all about the haute couture of the Parisian high streets.

And Barack Obama's got his theme down pat.

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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