This Shocking Chart Will Help You Understand The World Better

You'll be shocked at what these numbers reveal.

In our day-to-day lives, we are used to working with small numbers that are easy to comprehend and to compare. Two shots of Starbucks espresso cost a few dollars and take 30 seconds to make. Your new profile pic got 75 likes and you just bought a pair of shoes that are $199 too expensive for you.

But when you're dealing with numbers as large as 7 billion, the facts and figures get a little harder to grasp.

That's why we find this chart, created by London-based infographic designer Jack Hagley, so helpful. In one image, Hagley managed to communicate a broad range of data about our world's population by pretending it was made up of just 100 people. Really puts things into perspective.


If there were only 100 people in the world:

GENDER: 50 would be female, 50 would be male.

AGE: 26 would be kids under 15. The rest would be adults, 8 of whom would be older than 65.

CONTINENT: 60 people would be from Asia. There would be 15 from Africa, 11 from Europe, and 9 from South America. Only 5 would be North Americans.

RELIGION: There would be 33 Christians, 22 Muslims, 14 Hindus, and 7 Buddhists. 12 people would practice other religions and 12 people wouldn't be aligned with any.

LITERACY: 83 people would be able to read and write. The other 17 would be illiterate.

COLLEGE: Only 7 people out of the 100 would have a college degree.

INTERNET / PHONES: Only 30 people would access the Internet, although 75 would have cell phones.

POVERTY: Almost half of the group (48) would be forced to live on less than $2 per day.

HOUSING: 77 people would have shelter, but 23 would have no housing at all.

WATER: 87 would have access to safe drinking water. The other 13 would be without safe, clean water to drink.

NUTRITION: 21 out of the 100 would be overweight. 15 would be undernourished, and 1 would die of starvation.

Hagley's infographic uses data from According to their website, their project was inspired by "the statistics provided by Donella Meadows in 1990" and features an updated version "to reflect the world population having reached 7 billion people."

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(H/T: Washington Post)

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