The One Thing You Never Knew About The 'Toy Story' Woody Doll, Revealed By Tom Hanks

"There's a snake in my boot!"

If you're a human being with a beating heart, then you probably are a fan of Disney's Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. When you were younger, you might have even loved the movies so much that you owned your very own pull-string Sheriff Woody doll. 


You know the one.

Your biggest joy might have been pulling that string to hear phrases like: 

There's a snake in my boot!
Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!
Reach for the sky!
You're my favorite deputy!

You might have even felt like you were playing with the original Woody character, because the voice coming from the doll was the same as Woody's in the movie — that of actor Tom Hanks. 

Or was it...

We hate to burst your bubble, but despite sounding exactly like Tom Hanks, the Sheriff Woody doll was actually voiced by someone else. 

Someone who sounds so much like Hanks, you might think the two actors were related...

Yup, the Sheriff Woody doll was actually voiced by Jim, Tom Hank's brother.

You might have heard this before, and thought it was just an urban myth, but in an interview with BBC One, Hanks confirms the rumors are true. 

In the 2011 interview, Hanks reveals all. When asked if it's his voice, he immediately replies, "No, it's my brother Jim." He goes on to explain, "There are so many computer games, and video things, and Jim, he works on those things all year long, and they said 'You don't wanna do this,' and I said, 'Get my brother Jim. He'll do it.' So that's my brother Jim." 

(H/T: Reddit

Welp, there you have it. Jim, not Tom, has been telling you that you're his favorite deputy all this time. Now there's a story.


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