Women On Social Media Are Recreating This Iconic Moment In 'Wonder Woman,' And It's Badass

Wonder Woman's got your back.

In the weeks since its release, Wonder Woman has been a force to be reckoned with. It's beaten box office records and proven what we really knew all along — people really want to see female-led, female-directed superhero movies.

The film's impact has reached far beyond Hollywood, particularly among young kids who have been inspired by the story's themes and donned their own fierce Wonder Woman costumes.

But it's not just little girls who are channeling Themyscira's badass princess. Grown women have taken to social media to share looks inspired by an instantly iconic moment in the movie — when Diana (Gal Gadot) walks into a gala with her sword, known as the "God Killer," hidden in the back of her gown.


Fans are recreating the scene with their own dresses and weapons of choice, and sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #WWGotYourBack. And it isn't just swords they're choosing to conceal. There has been more than one lightsaber, a Harley Quinn-inspired mallet, and Thor's hammer Mjolnir. (After all, even Chris Hemsworth thinks Wonder Woman could kick Thor's butt.)

"The best thing about #wwgotyourback is all the pics of weapons women happen to have laying around, NBD," one Twitter user wrote. "The badassery keeps rippling."

"By visiting #WWgotyourback, I learned there are a lot of women w/ access to swords," another posted. "Fellas, best back off the 'women only' showing thing."

Check out some of our favorite examples of the trend below:


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