These Little Girls Cosplaying As Wonder Woman Show Just How Much Representation On The Big Screen Matters

The future is bright for these fierce females.

It's official: Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, has officially taken Hollywood by storm. Wonder Woman debuted this weekend and made quite the impact on critics, the box office, and comic book lovers alike — with ripples of its success likely to change the film industry for women in a big way. While all of that is great and all, perhaps those affected the most are its youngest female fans.

All weekend long, we've seen photos crop up of girls dressed as the dynamic and mighty Princess of Themyscira on social media in celebration of the big opening. Whether it was in anticipation of the film, at a screening of the movie, or in reflection of what they'd just seen on the big screen, all drive home the fact that representation matters.

Some thought Warner Bros. might have taken a risk or gamble on director Patty Jenkins — quite the backwards-thinking viewpoint at a time when female directors are few and far between in Hollywood — but it seems Wonder Woman is a smash hit. It opened with $100.5 million in the U.S. with a worldwide total sitting at $223 million thus far, according to Box Office Mojo. This makes it the biggest opening weekend for a female-directed movie ever, let alone a woman-directed superhero film.

With the lasso-carrying, sword-wielding, and shield-donning heroine — who was perfectly encapsulated by Gal Gadot, we must say — making history, let's take a look at just how much of a difference seeing a strong woman and influential female on the big screen meant to girls around the world.


Check out these amazing photos of girls rocking their best Wonder Woman cosplay:

1. This girl has someone to look up to now.

2. Don't underestimate this fierce girl.

3. This girl looks pretty darn powerful.

4. This girl is giving us Diana Prince from head to toe.

5. This girl rocked a self-made costume.

6. This girl is just one word: fabulous.

7. These sisters cannot contain their excitement.

8. Watch out — this girl has a sword.

9. This girl brought the perfect accessory.

10. This girl can definitely rock that shield.

11. This girl is ready for battle.


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