What Women Of Different Age Groups Think Are The Best First Dates

How will your idea of a great first date change as you get older?

First dates can be both scary and awesome. You never know what to expect, it can either go terrible or be the start of the greatest love story ever. But besides worrying about how the actual first date will feel, there's the planning of it, and thinking about where to go and what to do. Dinner and a movie may be old hat to some, but a solid go-to for others. Then there are folks who don't want to get too romantic at the very beginning so will opt for drinks or a coffee dates.

 It really is hard to come up with the "perfect" first date, especially since everyone has different expectations. To help singles with this dilemma, dating app Zoosk analyzed women's profiles for the answers. The most interesting thing to come out of this report is that women's definition of the "best" date varies across age groups. 

Women in their 20s and 30s rank dinner as the best option for a first date while women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, preferred coffee dates. Read on for a breakdown of what makes an ideal first date based on age group.


Women in their 20s.

Twentysomething women are really into dinner dates, but not so much into meeting for wine, according Zoosk's report. Coffee dates, going to the movies, and taking a walk were also listed as good options. This age group loves surprises, so it may be best to plan something unique to really wow her.

Women in their 30s.

There is very little difference in the interests of women in their 30s and 20s, as shown in the report. Besides dinner, women in this age group love going out for drinks (and are more keen on the wine), just make sure it's a quiet location as thirtysomething women have high preference for low-key atmospheres.

Women in their 40s.

Whatever you plan just make sure wine is involved. According to the report, women in their 40s love wine dates — with some great conversation, too. For them, conversation was ranked as the third most important factor for the perfect date.

Women in their 50s.

Get ready to dance all night long because these women love music. All women of each age group seem to love dancing, but not as much as these older women. Another popular date idea for women in their 50s is walking, particularly on the beach.

Women in their 60s.

Older women prefer quality time for their dates. Coffee dates, which keep you sober and present, were ranked as the best date for this age group. Women in their 60s also enjoy walking and conversation. But it's not just quiet cafe dates for these ladies, they also love to go out dancing. 

Get more date ideas by reading the full Zoosk report here

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