Women Are Tired Of Only Seeing Men On U.S. Dollars. This Petition Is Trying To Change That.

It's about time.

Betty Gatton and her two daughters live in a country — the United States —where only three women are featured on the circulating currency: Sacagawea (dollar coin), Susan B. Anthony (dollar coin), and Helen Keller (back of the Alabama state quarter). 

Gatton wants to change that. 

She began a Change.org petition addressed to President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to include more women's faces on U.S. money. She explains that little girls, including her daughters, hardly ever see themselves represented on the currency that they use. 

"When my daughters ask me to tell them who the people in those pictures are, I want to be able to tell them diverse stories about our nation's past, and inspire them to know that everyone has the power to influence our world — no matter their race, ethnicity, or gender," she wrote on the petition.

So far, she has a little over 1,000 supporters on the page with a goal of over 8,600. 

While Obama has endorsed the idea of women's faces on money, it has yet to become reality. And the White House website states that a petition must reach 100,000 signatures in 30 days for the petition to get a response. 

But many signers of the petition have responded with online comments.

"Herstory - not just History.- Please tell the whole story." one wrote. 

"Money and gender inequality are two things that are deeply ingrained in the heart of our culture... Why not use the one to influence change in the other?" said another.

Gatton agrees

"In his final two years in the White House, President Obama has the chance to cement his legacy and end the centuries-long lack of recognition for the many women who have helped to shape our country."


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