Women Try On Their Old Prom Dresses In The Ultimate Throwback Video

"I definitely thought I would wear it again."

If you rummage through your closet, passed those jeans from college and the denim skirts from high school, perhaps you'll stumble upon your old prom dress.

A prom dress (which perhaps took you hours and hours to pick out), is one that many girls will never forget. In fact, you can probably remember all your friends' dresses, too. 

But despite loving your prom dress back then, how would you feel about it today?

In a recent video for Cosmopolitan, five women find out.


In the video, the women talk about their prom nights before tossing on their old dresses to react to them in front of a mirror.

"I totally looked better than the prom queen that night," Maya, 23, says. Liz, 29, says that in order to avoid having the same dress as anyone else, she just made it herself.

And then, the reveal.

"I feel weird," Tess, 24, says standing in her white, floor-length dress.

"I definitely think I reached my goal of wanting to stand out at prom. [You] can't really miss this," Maya says, laughing. 

You won't want to miss all their reactions below:


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