Four Makeup Lovers Tried Going A Week Without Makeup And Felt Empowered In The Process

"I didn't expect it to be hard."

You've probably seen trends like the #NoMakeupChallenge and #FreshFaceFriday populating your social feeds, and celebrities like Alicia Keys and Zendaya go makeup-free. The movement for women to show off and be proud of their faces sans makeup is gaining traction, empowering women everywhere to love the way they naturally look. 

A few women who love to wear makeup decided to try forgoing makeup for a full week. In a new video for BuzzFeed, Jen, Freddie, Chantel, and Safiya explained why they love wearing makeup. Their reasons ranged from finding makeup application fun, to using it to cover up their acne, to putting it on to look good in selfies. 

"It's fun seeing the 'best,' ideal version of yourself," Chantel said. 

"It's a choice that you personally make," Safiya said. "If you decide that you don't want to show people what you're under eye bags look like, you don't have to." 

After sharing their opinions and preferences on makeup, each woman wiped away all of her makeup on camera. 


Then, they embarked on a one week journey of fresh-faced, no makeup looks. On the first day, they each felt strange, nervous, and a little insecure. 

"I'm actually pretty nervous about this. I didn't really expect to feel so self-conscious," Jen admitted. "The nice thing is though, because I'm not wearing any makeup, I've shaved like 15 minutes off my ready-time so I was able to sleep in a little bit and now I can go to work and I'm not going to be late." 

As the week went on, most of them women started to feel more confident. Freddie even felt great about posting a no-makeup photo of herself online after a night out. "It took me a second to really muster up the courage to post it. I never post pictures without makeup," she said.

By day six, Chantel gave in and wore makeup. "I didn't expect it to be hard," she admitted. "More props to Alicia Keys and just women who go out to these big events and truly don't care about what people are going to say. I thought I would be able to do that no problem and it's proving a lot harder than I thought." 

By the end of the week, all four women revealed how going makeup-free felt and what it taught them about themselves. 

"Overall, this week wasn't actually filled with emotional hurdles. It was more of a homecoming. It was more like you would prefer to sleep in because that's who you are," Safiya said. "But I also love makeup, so I don't think I'm giving it up after this week. 

"Sadly, truthfully, I think people do judge other people on their appearance. I don't give a shit if you see my face without makeup," Jen said. 

"I think slowly but surely we're getting towards the point where women's aren't expected to look or act a certain way," Chantel said. 

Many of the comments on the video are filled with people saying things like "they don't even need makeup" and that's completely missing the point. Sure, they're all beautiful women, but they, too, can feel insecure without makeup on. The truth is that no one needs makeup. 

Their experience shows that whether you love makeup or not, it's completely your choice to wear it. The important thing is that you do it for yourself and not because you're afraid of what other people will think of you if you don't.

Watch the whole video below:


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