Women Try Men's Beauty Products For A Week To See What's Worth The Money

"There's a man in my bed. Nope, that's me."

Oftentimes, the products women buy with regards to their beauty and hygiene routines are more expensive than the equivalent products for men.

As demonstrated in a video "The Cost of Being a Woman," women pay significantly more money in order to go about their daily lives on items such as shaving cream, deodorants, razors, body wash, and more. 

So in a recent video for BuzzFeed, women try using men's beauty products for a week to see if they would be content with the switch. 


Safiya, who usually spends approximately $64.77 on her beauty items, trades it in for approximately $43.63 worth of men's products. And Candace, who normally checks in at about $99.76, spends just $31.80 on her new routine.

"The first morning I woke up and I was like, 'There's a man in my bed. Nope, that's me,' " Candace says recounting her experience after seven days. 

And though some of the products don't quite do it for the women, they're pretty happy with men's deodorant and shaving cream.

Check out their experience in the full video below and consider how you're spending your money, too:


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