Watch These Women Try Underwater Photography For The First Time

It's difficult to do, but the end result is strikingly beautiful.

If you've ever caught a glimpse of an underwater photography shoot, you know just how breathtaking it can be to look at. Despite how effortless the photos look, it's definitely not easy to pull off

Two women from BuzzFeed, Sheridan and Jazzmyne, decided to challenge themselves to try it out for themselves. In a new video, the pair enlisted the help of photographer Brenda Stumpf and Virginia Hankins of Sheroes Entertainment to make them look stunning while immersed in a pool of water. 

Despite how excited both women were, they did have their reservations about the experience. 

"I'm so nervous just because when I've seen examples of this done, everyone looks so beautiful and peaceful, and I'm the most anxious and stressed-out person I know," Sheridan says in the video. "It will be so nice to see plus-size women in this kind of glamorous, beautiful light." 


First, the women got their waterproof makeup done. Then, they learned some underwater safety training tips. 

"One of the most important things to remember about underwater modeling is that when you are holding your breath, the breath is not on your face," Hankins said. "One of the tricks we use in underwater modeling is using weight belts. You're not fighting to always get up, you're not fighting to stay down. You're just able to think about what you're doing."

After getting some modeling tips as well, both women strapped on their weight belts and worked their angles underwater. 

Their final looks were absolutely stunning.

Watch the video below:


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