These Women Transformed Into Drag Kings And The Results Are Seriously Cool

Move over, queens!

Drag culture, or dressing up as the opposite sex for show, is huge in the U.S. From RuPaul's Drag Race to college or city-based drag shows, the performance art form is a proud staple of the LGBT community. But have you noticed anything a bit ... one-sided about it? 

The drag queens you see are, well, just that — queens. But there are drag kings out there and it's about time they got their spotlight, too. Thanks to a few women over at BuzzFeed, the world can see more of what drag king culture is all about.

They learned about what goes into being a drag king, from the makeup to picking a name, and then got to show their stuff in a drag king show. 

Here's how it all went down:


Asking seasoned drag kings the important questions: "With like, the boobs, where do they go?"

Then the transformations begin. They contour the ladies' faces and make their eyebrows thicker, like men's.

Can't forget about the ... appendages!

Finally, the transformations were complete.

Check 'em out ...

"I look like an Abe Lincoln you want to f*ck."

The drag kings then got ready for their drag show.

"What I realized this was about was elevating parts of yourself that you really don't get to express in everyday life," said one of the women.

OK, now we seriously want to try out the drag king thing.

Check out the entire transformation process (and drag king show) below:


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