YouTubers' Video Illustrates Importance Of Being Comfortable With Our Bodies

This not-quite-SFW video has people talking.

YouTubers Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers just released a video showing straight women touching another vagina for the first time. While the women in the video were nervous at first, they soon realized that their fears were without merit.

"There's just a total lack of discussion around this," Taryn Southern, one of the participants, said. "And if you grew up similarly to how I grew up, you might have a lot of shame around the topic of your vagina."

There is a social stigma regarding having healthy conversations about sex. In the U.S., half of teens feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about the topic. And in the U.K., nearly half of women ages 18-24 are embarrassed to talk to a doctor.

"If more of us had the opportunity to do something like this, we would not be as messed up in the heads," YouTuber Olga Kay said in the video. "We would understand that it's just the body."

The Huffington Post interviewed Kam and Chambers following the launch of a previous video that documented gay men touching a vagina for the first time.

"Simple things like our bodies should not be so mysterious and off limits, nor should they just be sexualized... Every body part is different and should be celebrated, not feared," the pair told HuffPost.

Only 22 states and the District of Columbia require that public schools should teach sex education. And states with abstinence-only education have higher teen pregnancy rates.

Experts believe that an expansion of sex education to all students might decrease those rates and ease social stigmas regarding our bodies. As the video put it: "Loving yourself is loving every part of your body."


(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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