Woman Drastically Manipulates Her Own Body To Show How Absurd Beauty Standards Are

No more Photoshop, please.

Beauty standards have gotten a little out of control. 

Fashion models are meeting the physical criteria for anorexia and while some efforts to stop photoshopping women to ridiculous, white, skinny standards have been seen across the industry, the practice is still widespread around the world. 

Many women, however, think that game is getting old, including photographer Kelsey Higley


To show how unrealistic the standard of beauty has gotten, she created a stop-motion video called "Manipulated."

Where she molds her own body from one extreme, like Disney-esque "big eyes" and a little waist...

To another, like this full-on disproportional torso.

In the project's description, she says that the constant body changes seen in the video reflect the silent expectations the media puts on women's bodies. 

"The video goes through several stages of 'beauty' as I receive conflicting opinions on what true beauty is," she writes.

And like most of us, she's still trying to figure it out:

"I have chosen to use myself in this short to show my own inner conflict with beauty as I battle with the desire to look like someone else and the acceptance of my natural beauty."

Watch the full video of Higley's "Manipulated" and see her body mold to fit ever-changing beauty standards.


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