Women Sizes 0-28 Wear The Same Style Of Jeans And Show Beauty Is More Than A Number

“Everyone deserves jeans.”

There's so much to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans — the fit, the wash, the length, the stretch, and most challenging, finding your actual size. In a society so focused on narrow beauty standards, sometimes the size on the tag can feel like more than just a number. it can feel like a definition of self-worth. To show just how much of a hassle (and emotionally draining) denim-shopping can be, Glamour magazine made a video featuring women ranging from sizes 0 to 28 wearing the same style of jeans and sharing their own personal woes when it comes to shopping.

"I call jeans, 'Satan's pants,' " said Marcy, a size 28 participant. Jean shopping can definitely feel like the enemy. Women, no matter if they are size 4 and under or size 22 and over, petite or tall, curvy or slim, often find it difficult. The women agreed the most common issues are finding the appropriate length, finding jeans that actually have pockets (because for some reason manufacturers believe women love those annoying fake pockets), finding jeans that stretch, and don't 'chub rub'.


Even though each women in the video wore a different size, they all found denim-shopping a challenging experience. "Overall I'd say it's pretty miserable," said Meg, a size 0 participant. Another woman, Ashley, who is size 22, said,"The last time I wore jeans was two or three years ago; it's making me anxious just thinking about it right now."

Shopping can be especially exhausting for plus-size women who can't find their size in stores at all. "I would love to shop in-store — I wish. That's like a dream of mine," said Marcy. "However, a lot of brands that have stores don't carry my size, they go up to size 24." Even though online shopping is an option, it takes away the opportunity to try before you buy. "Often women above size 24 they feel like they're forgotten, they feel like they're being passed over. It's almost like they're telling us that the larger you are in size, the less worthy you are of fashion."

"I believe women are 100 percent attached to the number," said Anna, a size 24 participant. "It's crazy because nobody sees the tag except you. My thoughts on that are 'since when did you become just a number?'" 

There is so much pressure to fit into the "standard" of beauty, that even a simple jean fitting in a dressing room can be an emotional experience. The ladies in the video acknowledged that while it's not right to tie your worth to your size, there is something uplifting about finding a great pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. 

In the video, the women wear the same jeans but in their own size. Each one expressed joy of having found the perfect pair of pants but the main word they all used was "unstoppable." when stores and brands limit their sizes, it sends a message to underserved shoppers that they don't matter. It's not so much the size that's the issue, but how society and the fashion industry treats people of certain sizes. "Everyone deserves jeans," said Ashley. "[Even] if they have to go up to size 40. Make everyone some jeans!"


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