She Asked Women To Share Their Worst Date Stories. They Delivered.

"Over coffee, he told me he was married but that his wife was 'flexible.'"

Sometimes you have a good date and other times you have a bad date. Then there are times when you have a date that's so terrible, it's one for the books. It's a situation no one wants to end up in — especially when there are high expectations for the first date — but it happens. While it may be painful at the time, such experiences happen to the best of us, and hopefully turn into learning experiences and something we can eventually even laugh about.  

Twitter user @_ItsMeBree recently asked ladies of the Internet to tell her about their worst dates. Their toe-curling, awkward stories show that most all of us have gone through a bad date, but came out the other side just fine, and sometimes even laughing. All the responses show us we aren't alone in our bad date experiences. 

Here are 11 ladies who opened up about their worst dates:


1. The woman whose date had some stipulations.

2. The lady who found out her date had a girlfriend and a reputation.

3. The woman who had a lot of drama on her date.

4. The woman whose date ended in a trip to the ER ... and a performance.

5. The woman who found out her date was already in a relationship.

6. The woman whose date was one surprise after another.

7. The lady who was surprised when she met her online date in real life.

8. The woman who found out that her date had an interesting habit.

9. The woman who had a third wheel on her date.

10. The woman who ended up in a dicey situation.

11. The woman who went to a Mariah Carey concert but didn't have a good time.

(H/T: Scary Mommy)

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