These Women Scientists Have The Best Response To A Nobel-Winning Biochemist's Sexist Comments About Females

These women are NOT having it from Tim Hunt.

Nobel prize laureates are typically widely celebrated in society for their contributions, but one award-winning biochemist found out recently how misguided he was on gender diversity in his field. Twitter reacted to Nobel-winning biochemist Tim Hunt's female scientists remarks with both grace and humor, proving Hunt completely wrong.

To recap, Hunt — who himself admitted that he had a reputation for being a "chauvinist" — said at a conference in Seoul that he was in favor of gender-segregated labs, not wanting to "stand in the way of women." Why? Here's what he told the roomful of renowned journalists and scientists:

Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry.

Naturally, there was widespread backlash to Hunt's comments, particularly at a time when there are serious efforts being made to increase racial and gender diversity in STEM fields

The Royal Society, where the English scientist is a fellow, distanced itself from his comments. Hunt later issued an apology, adding that it was "a very stupid thing to do in the presence of all those journalists." But Twitter, specifically, female scientists on Twitter, were not having any of it. 

Here are some of the best responses to Hunt's comments.


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