These Girls Were Asked Some Questions. The Reason None Of Them Answered Correctly Is A Daunting One.

This is so disturbing!

Let's do a little quiz. You will have to answer a few history-related questions by assigning the following facts to either of these dates: 1915 or 2015. Got it? OK, let's begin!

Question No. 1: 62 million girls don't get to go to school.

Remember, you have to assign a year that's correct. So, which one sounds correct — 1915 or 2015?

Question No. 2: Women make up 70 percent of the population living on less than $1 a day.

Question No. 3: Childbirth is the second leading cause of death with girls between ages 15 and 19.


If you're anything like these girls, you chose 1915 as the correct answer in all three cases.

And in all three cases, you were wrong.

The creative team behind the new movie Suffragette have recently launched a campaign that raises awareness on the ongoing fight for gender equality.

Their movement uses #HopeForOurDaughters hashtag and is built around the main theme of the film — the history of women's rights and those who sacrificing everything to achieve it. Just like in the past, the "new suffragettes" are fighting to prevent injustices against women around the world.

Their latest video hits right to the point by showcasing how incomprehensible it is that in 100 years we couldn't eradicate the issues that were faced by women back in 1915.

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of the campaign:

The movie creators encourage people to share their own hopes and dreams for the future. Here are some of their thoughts:


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