This Guy Wanted To Find Out How Women React To Genuine Compliments. Here's What He Discovered.

It's not rocket science, you guys.

Plenty of social experiments have already made an attempt to prove that catcalling is one of the grossest phenomena in today's culture. And yet ...

... whether shopping at a grocery store or quietly lingering at a bus stop, women continue to face these not-so-endearing comments about their looks every single day. Comments made by men they don't know, comments that are vulgar and, quite frankly, can make them feel powerless and unsafe.

But if we all fathom this, why does it keep happening?

Well, even if catcalling has become a topic of hot debate, there are many reasons why men still choose to go with this risky practice. One of the most frequent being — "Hey, it's just a compliment."


A compliment?! Yeah, right ...

Thing is, it's almost impossible to talk about catcalling without venturing into the "compliment zone." Why? Obviously because every living, breathing organism in this planet appreciates some form of flattery.

Wait, so you're saying that women like compliments, but when a guy yells something nice at them on the street, they get offended? What kind of rocket science is this?!

Honestly, it's not. And here's an example that kind of proves it.

YouTuber Michael Valmont set out to discover how women react to genuine compliments given by a random guy on the street.

In his video, Valmont approaches a number of women by saying "excuse me" and following up with a short remark such as "You look lovely today."

Their reactions? See for yourself:

So, as you might've discovered from Valmont's social experiment, all women he approached were really happy to hear the compliments and walked away with a smile.

Now, it still doesn't mean that it's OK for any random guy in a denim jacket to walk up to you and start commenting on your appearance. 

However, when done with grace, consideration, and respect, a social interaction like this will most likely fall under the "nice stranger" instead of "some creepy dude" category.

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