These Women's Reactions To Old Sex Advice Are So Funny We Almost Forget To Be Offended

So bad it's good.

Women have been getting horrible dating and sex advice for a long time, and it's pretty impressive how cringe-worthy some of that wisdom is. Still, we occasionally come across some examples that are so ridiculous we can't help admiring it. Glamour Magazine captured some women's reactions to some pretty spectacularly bad sex advice, and their reactions more or less much mirrored ours.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautifully phrased this "cut it with the hand jobs" passage is? If someone told us it was from the King James Bible, we'd probably believe them. 

There's nothing that turns on da boyz quite like a woman who's indistinguishable from a malnourished deer on a bitter winter's night. They love that.

We guess housework's kind of good for the figure, but come on, Ann Landers. You think floor-scrubbing takes the edge off our sexual appetites? Floor scrubbing is integral to like 70 percent of all pornos that try to have plots, so we think you might have missed the mark on this one.

Hear their fantastic reactions in the original video.


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