Study Shows You Should Just Buy The Men's Version Of Your Products


Next time you're at the pharmacy, you may want to stick to only purchasing products geared toward men. 

In a recent study, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) compared nearly 800 products from more than 90 different brands that had clearly labeled male and female versions. They chose male products that were "closest in construction, ingredients, textile, appearance, description, and/or marketing" to their female counterpart products. They included toys, accessories, clothing, and personal care products. 

The DCA found women's products were more expensive than similar products marketed toward men 42 percent of the time. On average, women's products cost 7 percent more than men's.

One example the DCA used in their report was a Radio Flyer scooter sold at Target. The red scooter, marketed toward boys, costs $25 less than the pink scooter for girls. The scooters have the same features, size, and weight. 


Target has since adjusted the price and claimed the discrepancy was due to a "system error," according to the Washington Post. This scooter may have been a fluke in their system, but that doesn't account for all of the other products women are being overcharged for just for being women. 

"Gender discrimination is never acceptable, and when we know that women continue to make less than men every year, the findings of this study are insult to injury for female consumers," New York mayor Bill De Blasio said in a press release

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(H/T: Washington Post


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