Strangers Are Offering Their Old Wedding Gowns To Brides-To-Be After Bridal Chain's Abrupt Close

"Brides lending other brides their wedding dresses because of the #AlfredAngelo catastrophe has restored my faith in humanity."

Popular bridal store and wedding dress manufacturer Alfred Angelo abruptly closed more than 60 stores, its corporate offices, and its wholesalers last week after filing bankruptcy. The sudden news left many brides-to-be distraught over whether they'd receive the wedding gowns they'd ordered before their big day. Many women have already paid for their dresses from the company in full, and it's still unclear whether they'll get a refund. 

Fortunately, many people who have already walked down the aisle are willing to lend a helping hand. Women around the country are using social media to share photos of the wedding dresses they have in their closets, along with sizing information. Using hashtags like #AlfredAngelo and #DressMatchMaker these women hope to help anyone affected by Alfred Angelo's closing find a dress in time for their big day. 

Most of them are offering up their gowns to strangers to borrow for free, asking only that they'll pay the shipping costs. 

Wedding gowns are often ordered at least a few months in advance so they can be tailored properly. Sometimes, they need two or more fittings for alterations before the dress is ready to wear. For this reason, some of the brides affected by Alfred Angelo's closure are months away from their nuptials while others are just days away. 

Planning a wedding is stressful enough as it is, but this situation has left many brides-to-be scrambling for a solution. While some were able to get their dresses thanks to the employees at their local stores, many are still left trying to find something to wear that they'll feel as great in as their original dress. 

"I remembered feeling like a princess on my wedding day. The thought that these women ... had all this extra stress put on top of what should be one of the best days of their life just broke my heart," Ishita Kent, a woman who's offering up her dress from her own wedding six years ago, told TODAY. "If I can help ease someone else's heartache just with a dress that honestly isn't doing anything but sitting in my closet, then why shouldn't I do so?"

It may not seem like such a big deal to be offering something sitting in your closet to a total stranger out of the kindness of your heart, but it might just make a world of a difference for the women who borrow these dresses. 

In addition to the women offering up their dresses for free, several bridal stores, as well as other wedding services, such photographers and caterers, are offering discounts to those affected by Alfred Angelo's closure. For example, David's Bridal is offering discounted wedding and bridesmaid dresses and free rushed alterations to anyone who can show an Alfred Angelo receipt. 

"We know how much goes into planning a wedding, and we want to ensure that everyone affected by this news can still have the day of their dreams," they wrote on their website

But for those who can't spend more money on another dress, there's people on Twitter willing to help. 


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