Video Calls Out Sexism In Advertising By Showcasing Ads That Objectify Women

"I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink."

A beautiful slave. An empty-headed housewife. A barely dressed diva with pursed lips and a designer clutch between her legs.

We'd like to say all these scenarios are made up. But the sad truth is — they aren't. Advertising and marketing industries share a long history of sexual objectification used to sell whatever product they have on their hands.

And while it's no secret that both men and women are objectified in advertising, there's a slight difference that somehow makes it much, much worse for the ladies:

"The difference in how the bodies of men and women are portrayed is by the face-to-body proportions. For men, a "face-ism" bias exists, whereby men's heads and faces are shown in greater detail than they are for women," research by Jennifer Stevens Aubrey suggests.


"The corresponding bias for women is 'body-ism' — the focus is usually on women's bodies or body parts," she writes.

These overly sexualized and often incredibly degrading images of women used to sell all sorts of products and services can be found on every corner: from TV commercials, to magazine pages, to posters glued on local buses.

However, there are plenty of initiatives trying to raise awareness and eventually stop the glorification of sexism in advertising.

One of such is a campaign called #WomenNotObjects and their recent video addressing the issue.

The video features a bunch of ladies holding examples of degrading ads and calling out the absurd messages they profess.

Their irony combined with the ridiculous images really shines the light on how common sexism and objectification of women really are.

Watch the full video below and join the conversation by using the hashtag #WomenNotObjects:

(H/T: Collectively)


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