15 First-Time Dad Things Women Can't Get Enough Of

Dad bods are only the beginning.

Dads with any level of experience are awesome. They take care of you, they teach you things, and they (hopefully) raise you to be an outstanding citizen. 

But there's just something about new dads in particular that make us swoon, amirite, ladies and gents?

Perhaps it's the way they look at their children for the first time, or maybe it's how they let go of their exterior toughness to soothe a crying baby. No matter what they do, new dads prove that just because you have a child doesn't mean you're any less sexy — or awesome.

So ladies, hold onto your hearts, because new dads really know how to get the blood pumping. And guys, this is what happens when you become a father.

Here are some of the endless things women love about first-time dads. 


1. The way they get as excited about the small steps they're taking as they do the big ones.

2. How quickly they go from being a furniture assembly rookie to a true master craftsman.

3. Their smug smiles when the pile of books they read to study up on parenthood starts dwarfing yours.

4. The ridiculous positions you catch them in after they're exhausted by a long day of play.

5. The hilarious moment when they have no idea what they're doing and they adorably look to you for help.

6. There is absolutely nothing more manly than a dude with a fully equipped diaper bag.

7. The pride you get from seeing how they balance their love for their work and for their growing family.

8. When you snap a pic of them all suited up in their dad gear, and they make you promise not to show their friends.

9. Everything they’re waiting to teach their kids as they grow and all the games of catch they’re planning to play.

10. The little things they do to show they care even when their new dad schedule leaves them pressed for time.

11. When they’re as at home playing one-on-one on the court as they are playing patty cake in daycare.

12. How nothing — not even an IKEA instruction manual — is too big an obstacle to conquer.

13. The way they always step up to the plate, even if at first the task seems impossible.

14. How they make time for the two of you to get away, even if it's just for an hour.

15. And how you feel closer now to them than you ever have before.


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