Women Faced Their Fashion Fears And Wore Clothes They Were Terrified To Try For A Week

“People are looking at my butt!"

Whether it's a pair of flare boot cut jeans or a skin tight body suit, we all have certain types of clothes we're afraid to wear out of the house. Sometimes it's because we don't believe we could ever pull off the style or that the clothes simply make us uncomfortable. But, what if we've actually been seriously missing out all of this time? 

Jen, Freddie, Chantel, Safiya, and Kristin, the five women of BuzzFeed's series Ladylike, decided to find out. In a recent video, these women faced their fashion fears for one whole week by wearing the clothes they'd always been afraid to put on. 

They enlisted the help of Tiffany Reese, a stylist from lookieboo.com, to help them find the right styles of the clothes they'd been avoiding. 


Jen sported overalls.

"As a kid, I pissed myself constantly. You have like 10 to 15 seconds to get everything off and sit your ass down or else pee is dripping down your leg," she said in the video. "And, if you're wearing overalls? You can't get them off in time!"

Freddie wore low rise jeans.

"I go for pants that cover the belly button. Anything below that makes me stressed," she said. 

Chantel dressed up in cleavage-bearing outfits.

"My fashion fears are my boobs. Just everything surrounding them," Chantel said. "I think I don't show them or display them because they are large for my body and I don't like getting that attention."

Kristin put on pants every day of the week.

"My fashion fear is pants. I don't like pants because I have something called PCOS and what that basically means is the majority of my fat congregates around my stomach," she said. "Whenever I wear pants, it's just like 'here's that thing I can't get rid of.' "

Safiya wore bodycon dresses that hugged her curves.

"I am afraid of bodycon dresses. It's more the being exposed that freaks me out. I just prefer a flowy dress just in case I want to eat a big lunch," she said. 

After the week was over, there were definitely some mixed feelings. Some of the women liked the clothes much better than they ever thought they would while others remained firmly against them. In the end, it all comes down to what you're comfortable with. But you'll never know until you try it on. You might just discover your new favorite outfit by dressing up in something you've been too afraid to wear all this time. 

You can watch the video below:


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