Two Women Video Tape Birds Performing The Most Incredible Dance We've Ever Seen

Absolutely breathtaking.

Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith were paddling along River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland, when the most unexpected phenomena happened.


A collection of starlings, known as a murmuration, began flying above their heads.

From below, it looks like the most incredibly choreographed dance, and it's mesmerizing. 

The birds, in unison, twist and turn in the sky. They part into different groups, and then reunite in a spectacular swarm.

Wired reported on the science behind this emergent phenomena when this video first surfaced in 2011. "At the individual level, the rules guiding this are relatively simple. When a neighbor moves, so do you," Brandon Keim wrote.

"What's complicated, or at least unknown, is how criticality it's created and maintained," he added.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

Earlier, in 2010, travel journalist Dylan Winter filmed these beautiful starling sequences. Check it out here:

(H/T: The San Francisco Globe)

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