Female Celebrities Join Campaign To Stop Donald Trump From Being Elected

"Donald Trump and women just don't mix."

A host of women in the entertainment industry are speaking out against Donald Trump and rallying women to vote against him.

EMILY's List, an American political action committee (PAC), has been organizing voters behind pro-choice Democratic women for decades. Now, though, the PAC is bringing in Hollywood support to elevate Hillary Clinton and attack Donald Trump with the Women Can Stop Trump campaign.

Erika Alexander, Diane Guerrero, Zoë Kravitz, Amber Tamblyn, Maura Tierney, and Kate Greer all appeared in a new video for the campaign (below), which they hope encourages women — who made up 53 percent of the electorate in 2012 — to cast their ballots come Election Day.

"We are proud to support Hillary Clinton and would be fighting on her behalf against any presidential candidate," EMILY's List press secretary Alexandra De Luca told A Plus. "But this year we have Donald Trump, and as I'm sure you know, Donald Trump and women just don't mix."


De Luca cited derogatory comments Trump has made about women, including his suggestion that women should be punished for abortions, and his assertion that pregnant women are an "inconvenience" in a 2004 interview with NBC. She also mentioned his historically low favorability amongst women. Seven out of 10 women view Trump unfavorably, according to an April Gallup poll.

Most recently, Trump broke from typical Republican ranks by unveiling his paid maternity leave plan, which has been both praised and criticized. De Luca thanked Clinton for her plan because it's not only maternity leave, it offers 12 weeks of full paid leave. This includes leave for fathers, mothers, for when kids or other loved ones get sick, giving families what she described as necessary flexibility. This runs in contrast to Trump's plan for six weeks of maternity leave — which some say isn't a complete plan, in particular because it doesn't offer paternity leave.

"The stakes in this election couldn't be higher," De Luca said. "So EMILY's List is dedicated to letting women know that it's them that is going to stop someone who doesn't stand up for women and their values."


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