Women Are More Attracted To Narcissistic Men, Science Says

Why, science, why?

So let's just be honest with ourselves for a minute.


Every girl likes a bit of a bad boy.

And if that bad boy also happens to be a self-centered narcissist, well, chances are we'll want to marry him. Or at least that's what new research suggests. 

The study was carried out by Carrie Haslam and Tamara Montrose of Hartpury College in England. They surveyed 148 British women ages 18 to 28. The subjects were asked to provide information on their desire to get married and previous relationship experience. They were also presented with a list of narcissistic traits in men and asked to rate the traits based on how attractive they found them. 

The research revealed that, in general, women are attracted to narcissistic personalities.

It's a trap. And we know it.

"Narcissistic males lack commitment, engage in manipulative game-playing and are unfaithful. Despite this, they are still desired by females," the researchers explain. "The narcissistic personality, whilst having many negative qualities, possesses qualities associated with status and resource provision. These traits are desirable in short and long-term mating contexts." 

But then we fall for it. Every. Single. Time.

And there's more. The study turned up evidence that women who are looking to get married are especially partial to narcissistic men. 

"Despite future long-term mating desires which are unlikely to be achieved with a narcissistic male and possession of substantial mate sampling experience, females view the narcissistic male as a suitable partner," the researchers note.

Shouldn't we know better by now?

The research also suggests that women with greater "mating experience" have a greater preference for men with narcissistic personalities. 

Wait... So that means that the more times self-centered jerks break our hearts, the more attracted we are to other narcissist men? We're not exactly learning from our mistakes now, are we?

Why, science, why? Apparently, because "status and resource provision" are just too hot not to want, say the authors.


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