Woman Finds Use For A Giant Pink Bear She Received From Her Ex-Boyfriend

Say hello to "Breakup Bear."

When you break up with someone, what are you supposed to do with the gifts they gave you? Should you give them back, throw them out, or leave them in the corner of your room so you can always remember your (former) significant other?

If you're this recently single woman, then you do none of the above. Instead, you take the giant pink bear he gave you and turn it into the "Breakup Bear."


In order to turn the giant pink bear into a wearable costume, it appears that the woman sliced into its back to remove some of the stuffing and then cut a hole for her face right under the bear's mouth. 

It must've made for quite the sight.

The woman, er, bear even took a trip to Walmart because she wasn't going to let a breakup keep her down. 

Understandably, the bear got a little emotional around the Valentine's Day aisle.

Here's hoping the bear finds a special someone by Valentine's Day — or at least shares another one of her adventures with us.

(H/T: LifeBuzz)


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