This Woman Has A Bushier Mustache Than Most Men

Movember isn't just for men.

Meet Texas-based photographer Van Lokey-Saltzman (left). For the second year in a row, this woman has embarked on a wacky photo project that turns her into... men.


Saltzman says the project started out as a funny experiment but eventually turned into a serious exercise.

The true ardor came when Saltzman's friends started complimenting her on her unrecognizable transformations.

Saltzman uses face paint, hair gel and fake mustaches to turn into these old-timey characters.

She takes photographs with her iPhone and uses filters to give them that authentic vintage look. Strictly no Photoshop.

Satlzman says her inspiration comes from her Italian family and the photographs she finds online.

The project has spanned over two years and Lokey-Saltzman says she's thrilled to see how she can improve her game even further.

She continues posting images to her Facebook account and even self-published a book of her best ones.

"My goal is to lose myself. If someone can't recognize me, I have done my job," Lokey-Saltzman told CNN about her project.

Keep up with Saltzman's delightful transformations by following her on Facebook and check out her YouTube channnel.

(H/T: CNN)

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