Woman Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Encourage People In Swing States To Vote — Tinder

"I talk about politics on every date these days anyway, so asking my Tinder matches if they're voting was a very natural segue."

While most people use Tinder to find a date, one woman is using the dating app to spread her love of democracy. Jen Winston, a writer and speaker who runs Girl Power Supply — a progressive political meme Instagram — paid $9.99 for Tinder Plus, which allows subscribers to match with anyone in the United States. 


This, she later wrote on Twitter, "seemed dumb until I realized I could change my location & campaign in swing states." Her tweet, posted on October 27, featured a screenshot of a Tinder conversation in which she asked Spencer, a Georgia-based man, if he was voting for Stacey Abrams, the state's Democratic gubernatorial candidate. 

"I'm passionate about politics and also a serial online dater, so combining the two made perfect sense," Winston tells A Plus."I talk about politics on every date these days anyway, so asking my Tinder matches if they're voting was a very natural segue." 

She even came up with a new dating term — Tinderbanking (a play on phone banking) in the process. "I had Tinderbanked around 18 when I posted this tweet," she further explains. "Some had already voted. Most of them were Democrats —I guess I'm self-selecting?" (The subject of her now viral tweet, Spencer, is "not sure he's voting yet," but Winston promises she's working on it.) 

Jen Winston's text conversation with Spencer.
Jen Winston
A Tinder conversation.
Jen Winston
A conversation on Tinder.
Jen Winston

Besides gaining social media notoriety, Winston's tweet has also inspired others to Tinderbank. "One person from London saw the thread and started canvassing in North Dakota, then matched with another canvasser," she said. 

Winston also increased the reach of her canvassing after a friend suggested she start matching with White women, but that's certainly not the only political action she's done, or the only suggestion for others to get involved before the midterms. "I hope people are talking about politics in way more places than just Tinder! Ignoring politics is a privilege, and the burden is on all of us to pay attention and hold politicians accountable — and yes, that includes Democrats," she explains. "Even if you don't care about politics, someone who controls your finances, rent, or opportunity does." To take immediate action, she encourages people to volunteer with Swing Left, look up their ballot measures on VoteSaveAmerica.com, and text-bank their friends with the Vote With Me app. 

And if any other progressively minded Dems are wondering, Winston is indeed single. "A matchmaker reached out to me, which is super cool," she said. "Trying to focus the country's problem before I focus on my sex life, though."


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