Wife Texts Husband All The Silly Things He Says To Her In His Sleep

"You just turned to me, patted my leg, and said: 'It's gonna be smash time.' "

All sorts of weird things happen when we sleep.

From the lucid, often unbelievably realistic, or completely absurd dreams, to involuntary twitches, turns, and screams that make us fall out of bed or wake up in heavy breathing in a puddle of sweat.

But the best of all is when the person you share a bed with starts talking in their sleep and lets you in on all the crazy thoughts submerged in their mind.

And it's really up to you to decide what you're going to do with this material — keep it to yourself, use it to blackmail your partner next time a situation arises, or make a laughingstock out of him by posting all of his deepest fantasies on the Internet.

We really hope you do the latter and here's an example to get you started: 


A few weeks ago, Imgur user LongTitlesMakeMeHappy posted a gallery of screenshotted text messages his wife had sent him over the year.

All the messages are meant to document the crazy things this Imgur user, whose real name is Aidan, says in his sleep.

From innocently cute attempts to talk dirty ...

... to recollections of memorable "Family Guy" episodes ...

... to sophisticated theories about shipments and surplus of cats.

Read more of their "conversations" below:

(H/T: Imgur | Someecards)


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