Woman's Anniversary Gift To Her Husband Leaves Him Absolutely Speechless

What a sentimental gift.

The traditional seven-year wedding anniversary gift is wool, but one wife chose to go with tulle. 

Chrissy, a "Glam Without Gluten" blogger and YouTuber, celebrated seven years with her husband (and three kids) in 2012 and wanted to surprise him in a unique way. 

How? By breaking out her wedding dress for a trip down memory lane when he got home from work.


"I wanted to take my husband back to the day we got married," she writes in the video's description.

Plus, their three kids didn't get to experience their wedding magic.

So she put on the dress, their song (which is "Shine Your Light" by Robbie Robertson) and waited for him to come home.

And when he walked through the door, was obviously very shocked — and emotional.

"I loved taking him and myself down memory lane," she writes. "We both got a little choked up."

Same here, guys, same here.

Watch the whole surprise below.


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