This Woman Is Wearing Lingerie In Public Around NYC To Send A Very Powerful Message

She calls it her "Lingerie Play."

Street artists make statements in many ways and activist and artist Diana Oh tapped into their methods to make a statement of her own.

She planned a series of 10 art installments around NYC where she stands on a box – her "soap box" – in lingerie. But her performance isn't for tips. It's to raise awareness about the kinds of double standards society places on women: the ones that justify harrassment or violence against them because of how they express their sexuality or how they dress.

Oh calls her installment "My Lingerie Play." While dressed in lingerie, she holds signs bearing statements like "I'm standing here in my lingerie because I'm a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie but does not enjoy: being catcalled, being trafficked..." and listing other injustices.

Check out the video above for the first installment of the presentation and check out the website to see the others.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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