Woman Signing An EDM Concert For Deaf Friend Will Give You The Feels

Love and music know no bounds.

Music and love have no boundaries, as these two friends prove.

This past October, a video of two women surfaced from EDM festival #TomorrowWorld2014, showing one using sign language to interpret a song for her deaf friend. It quickly went viral.

Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. re-shared the video this December and the woman who did the signing finally revealed herself to be Keelin Lambert, a sign language interpreter. She had signed the song "U" by Gareth Emery for her good friend Monica. 

Not only did the two women show what true friendship looks like, they also drove home the message that those who can hear aren't much different from those who cannot.

With hundreds of thousands of people seeing Monica and Keelin's experience, hopefully people will be more inclusive to those who are deaf. And perhaps someday, an EDM artist out there will not only make sick beats, but sick signs, too.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, we can all rock out to Skrillex and the like.


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