Kids Were Asked If A Woman Could Do Santa's Job

Time to have a little chat, kiddos.

We teach our kids that there is nothing girls can't do. They can grow up to be engineers, astronomers or even the president. The sky is the limit. 

But does that message really come across to young children? Anomaly London, a UK-based communications agency behind #MoreWomen project, decided to conduct a little social experiment to find out. They asked a bunch of kids a pretty straightforward question — if Santa was a woman, could she do the job?

One simple question, so many mixed opinions. 

Scroll down to see the entire video.



"I reckon the lady Santa would be much better because she could fit down the chimneys quicklier."

"[Presents] will be too heavy for a lady."

"I think she would be better about bossing around the elves."

Watch the entire video below.

Time to have a little chat, kiddos.


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