This Woman's Response To A Sexist Twitter Troll Is Beyond Clever

That'll show him.

All Twitter user Tighe_er did was tweet her appreciation for a sign in Japan condemning manspreading, otherwise known as when men spread their legs wide in public seating areas with no regard to those around them. But she ended up tweeting a whole lot more after that a Twitter troll came out of the woodwork.


He thought he'd respond to her tweet with a completely irrelevant sexist insult, that stereotypes women as annoying people who only talk about their vacation in public spaces.

So that's exactly what she gave him.

Tweet after tweet, she filled him in on all those mundane vacation plans that girls just love to talk about. 

Here are just a few of the many tweets she bombarded him with. And it's totally epic. 

All jokes aside, unlike talking about vacation from time to time, manspreading is actually a problem. 

As Mic Editor Liz Plank put it:

Researchers have found that taking expansive body postures doesn't just make people feel more entitled, it also makes them more likely to steal, cheat and fail to respect traffic laws. So manspreading can breed bigger problems than just crowded subway cars: It reinforces attitudes and behaviors that are harmful for society as a whole."

It also reinforces the notion that men are entitled while women just have to deal with what's left and take up as less space as possible. Who do you think has more power due to these notions?

We'll take vacation plans for 500, please. 

Hopefully this troll learned his lesson. 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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