Kind Internet Stranger Sends A Box Full Of Prenatal Vitamins To A Mom In Need

"Literally cried like a baby."

It's easy to forget that there's so much generosity in the world when there's also so much negativity, but one woman's experience reminded us not to overlook the kindness of strangers. 

Colorado resident Adriana Garcia posted on Reddit's "frugal" subreddit earlier this month asking for advice as a first-time mom. 


"This will be my first pregnancy and with only two months left, I have no idea how to afford any baby stuff," she wrote. "I wanted to have a baby shower, but I have no family or friends near me so I'd have to plan a baby shower for myself, pay for it, and probably just invite people from where I work and, well, being a manufacturer that works a night shift, I highly doubt any of them would come either. If anything, I really need a breast pump right and prenatal vitamins if anyone knows where I can get them for a decent price please!" 

Many people responded with helpful tips, but one kind stranger decided to take things a step further. The stranger private messaged Garcia and asked if they could send her the prenatal vitamins for her last three months of pregnancy. Garcia was taken aback by the gesture, and extremely grateful. 

She shared her experience in a new Reddit thread, along with a photo of the box of vitamins. "Few days ago I posted on r/frugal where I can get help with pregnancy things like vitamins and such," she wrote. "Got a message from a kind stranger wanting to pay for my prenatal vitamins and they sent me a box full. They want to stay anonymous, but thank you kind stranger so much! Literally cried like a baby."

On this thread, some people criticized Garcia for getting pregnant if she couldn't afford it. She addressed this in an interview with Yahoo about the stranger's kind gesture. 

"People really mix up what low income and being completely homeless is, and it's a shame," Garcia told Yahoo. "The thing about not making enough money, is that sometimes you can be completely fine and then events take place in someone's life, leaving them in debt and not making enough money to keep up. At five months pregnant, I was still making the same amount of money I was when things were a lot simpler."

While the criticism may have been frustrating to read, posting on Reddit gave Garcia some great advice, a box of prenatal vitamins, and a reminder of the goodness in humanity. 



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