Woman Spots Her Husband In Childhood Photo, Realizing She Met Him Much Earlier Than She Thought

"Thought I’d met my husband at 23 ... "

Some couples have no idea they've crossed paths before — until they see photographic proof. One Australian couple, who were married in March of 2015, recently realized they'd met much earlier in life than they originally thought. 

Grace Jennings-Edquist, 29, and Ben Cerini, 29, who are from Melbourne, but currently live in London, thought they met when they were both 23 years old.  

"Our whole 'how we met' story was always that we first became friends when we were 23 while interning in Holland — although our family homes were few minutes apart in Melbourne — and we thought that was a funny coincidence," Jennings-Edquist told news.com.au


But recently, they made a rather bizarre discovery. While in Melbourne for the holidays, a family friend of Jennings-Edquist showed the couple a photo of a kid's birthday party she was at. When they took a closer look, they realized Cerini was there, too — and Jennings-Edquist was looking right at him. 

"Thought I'd met my husband at 23 ... but I just found this pic showing us both at the same party," she wrote on Twitter. "That's me, in a white dress, eyeing him off." 

This kind of thing is more common than you might think.

Just last month, Verona Koliqi and her fiancé Mirand Buzaku realized their paths had crossed 10 years before they officially met. Koliqi's cousin sent her a childhood photo of their family at the beach in Montenegro to reminisce about their childhood. When she showed Buzaku, he spotted himself on a float in the background. He sent the photo to his parents who confirmed it was him. 

"Ten years later, now we're engaged," Koliqi said in a video on YouTube

"I think it was meant to be," Buzaku said. 

And yes, there have been other similar instances that have gone viral. A few years ago, New Jersey couple Jourdan and Ryan Spencer were watching home videos together from 1988. The footage was taken when Jourdan was 10 years old and her family was visiting the Sesame Place amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Jourdan was waiting in line at the waterslide when, all of a sudden, a then-13-year-old stranger walked into the fame. That stranger was Ryan. 

"Ryan walked past [in the video] and he said, 'That looks like me,'" Jourdan told The Huffington Post at the time. "We stopped it and rewound it and watched it again, it happened so quickly. We just kept watching it and rewinding it and watching it. We got out pictures of him at that age. There was no doubt about it — his ears, his nose, his horrible glasses, his choppy bangs — just no doubt about it."

Want another? A week before they got married, Alex and Donna Voutsinas found a photo of themselves 15 years before they actually met. The photo, which was captured in 1980, was taken of Donna and her family at Walt Disney World posing with Smee from Peter Pan. In the background, Alex can be seen being pushed in a stroller. To make things even stranger, the two were actually living in different countries at the time. "It just blew our minds when we realized," Alex told the Star back in 2010.

That's four examples of this kind of thing happening and there are at least two more we know of. Wild.

Moral of the story? Coincidences are weird, life is weirder, and you should sift through old photos with your significant other sometime. You never know who you might find. 

A Plus has reached out to Jennings-Edquist for comment.


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